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Hoosier Chapter Wetlands Project Runs Out of Funding

The Hoosier Chapter's Wetlands Project has run out of grant funding and ceased operation in July. Susan Thomas, Wetlands Project Director since March 1996, hopes to stay in the conservation field.

The Wetlands Project has been a primary source of information and education on the importance of Indiana's wetlands. Among its many accomplishments has been the Adopt-a-Wetland program, which empowered citizens to safeguard their local wetlands.

"We also made a lot of progress on the policy end," said Susan Thomas. "We had a really strong presence with mitigation banking, IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management) rulemaking for wetlands, and commenting on public notices for threatened wetlands."

Another big accomplishment has been advocacy of the 30,000-acre Grand Kankakee Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, which has been proposed by the Fish & Wildlife Service for Indiana and Illinois.

Susan was honored and thanked for her contributions by the Hoosier Chapter Executive Committee.

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