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Vote in the Hoosier Chapter Election

Itıs time for you to choose leaders to fill five, two-year terms on the Chapter Executive Committee. Your elected officers make decisions on chapter priorities, policies, and plans throughout the year.

Note that three candidate names plus four blank lines appear on the ballot at right. Because only three people were found to run for the five open spots, we are providing the blank lines for write-in candidates. Anyone (including yourself) who has been a Sierra Club member since Oct. 1 is eligible to be a write-in candidate.

Households with joint memberships are allowed two votes. If your household is casting two votes, use the boxes in both columns.

Ballots should be returned to the Chapter office by Dec. 31. The ballot is printed with your mailing label on the back. This is to allow for membership verification. Secrecy, however, will be maintained during the ballot tabulation process.

Candidate Statements

The following three candidates are running for the Hoosier Chapter Executive Committee. These are their statements. See the facing page for voting information.

Teresa Morehead

I am currently working on a Ph.D in plant molecular biology at Purdue (Indianapolis), which I hope to complete within the next year. I have been a member of the Board of Directors of the Hoosier Hikers Council for three years and served as president for a year-and-a-half. I am very interested in hiking trails issues‹especially creating and preserving hiking trail systems. I believe that the best way to get people, especially the next generations, interested in the environment and nature is to expose them to their natural surroundings. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by hiking. Other environmental issues also tie in with hiking trails‹forest issues, water quality, preservation of rivers and streams, wildlife conservation, etc.

Daniel Logan

I recently moved to Bloomington from the Raleigh/Durham, N.C., area, where I worked as a video producer for the Environmental Protection Agency.

I was a member of the Sierra Club Capitol Group and was on the advisory board for The National Toxics Campaign Fund. The Hoosier Chapter should consider hiring a paid staffperson to help organize groups and assist the chairs in their duties. We should pursue the formation of new groups in unrepresented areas. And we should encourage more positive media exposure of the Chapter through greater PR outreach and volunteer spokespersons in the larger media markets.

Glenn Pratt

I have been a Sierra Club member and active in environmental efforts for many years. As a present Executive Committee member, I have worked to help make the Club more effective in Indiana on the state and local level and hope, with your support, to continue these efforts.

In the last two years I have (1) worked to bring other environmental groups, businesses, and the legislative Environmental Quality Service Council (EQSC) to concur on and support Sierra's resolution and actions to address the staffing and management issues regarding the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM); (2) obtained the approval of a resolution by the Water Resources Study Committee to address low flow water quality; (3) worked with our lobbyist to represent Sierra with the legislature; (4) worked on urban sprawl and "brownfields" issues; (5) worked to review, comment on, and change IDEM's combined sewer overflow program, water quality standards review, other issues; (6) participated in all of IDEM Commissioner Hamiltonıs monthly meetings with citizen/environmental organizations.

Previously, I worked for 25 years for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and IDEM (as an Assistant Commissioner). I worked on many issues and in particular to focus the federal and state programs on the control of toxic substances. I have worked successfully on environmental litigation. I have taught environmental science, justice, and regulation courses at Martin University, Indiana University, and Indiana Womenıs Prison. I was a member of the legislative EQSC and presently serve on two subcommittees (IDEM Staffing and Agriculture Pollution). On the local level, I chair the environmental/citizensı overview committee of the privatization of the Indianapolis sewage treatment system. If reelected, I intend to continue these projects and in particular to increase our effectiveness by utilizing the summer canvass to collect names of people who want to be involved in Club actions and to assure that they are contacted at least twice a year on issues. Again, with your support, I hope to help to increase our effectiveness in addressing environmental and natural resource issues in Indiana.

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