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Chapter-Endorsed Congressional Candidates Achieve Victory

The three Indiana congressional candidates endorsed by the Hoosier Chapter were victorious in last monthıs election. Julia Carson-10th District, Baron Hill-9th District, and Peter Visclosky-1st District, won their U.S. representative seats in an election that featured a strong showing for pro-environment candidates nationwide.

The three representatives were endorsed based on their environmental voting records. After receiving at least two-thirds of the support Chapter Executive Committee members, the endorsements were submitted to the Sierra Clubıs National Political Committee for finalization.

Overall, 80 percent of the nearly 200 Club-endorsed candidates won.

The chapter also hosted a successful fund-raiser for Julia Carson in October.

Sierra Club Conservation Director Bruce Hamilton said, "It was gratifying to watch Newt and Dan Quayle trying to explain away this rejection by voters in an off-election year when they controlled the agenda and the money. It gave me renewed faith in the political process and the American people and the strength of the Sierra Club. Our message was picked up by candidates, our endorsement was worn proudly and advertised. Our issues became campaign issues. And many of our candidates won despite pollsters and pundits."

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