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Call for Nominees for the Chapter ExComm

The Nominating Committee of the Hoosier Chapter is accepting nominations for individuals to run for the Executive Committee (ExCom).

To submit a nomination for the election, send the information listed below to the attention of Nominating Committee, Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter, 212 W. 10th Street, Suite A335, Indianapolis, IN 46202, or call Jennifer at the Chapter office at (317) 972-1903.

1. Name, address, phone number, e-mail address of nominee.

2. A brief signed statement of the nominee's consent to run and, if elected, to serve on the ExCom. NOMINATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY SEPTEMBER 12.

The following rules apply to the Hoosier Chapter election:

1. The annual election shall be conducted by written ballot mailed to all members at least three weeks before the closing date of the election, and shall be conducted in such a manner as to insure facility of voting and secrecy of ballot.

2. A nominating committee of at least three members of the Chapter, at least one not a member of the ExCom, shall be appointed by the ExCom not later than four (4) months before the designated closing date of the annual election. No elected member of the ExCom whose term is expiring may serve on the Nominating Committee, unless that member is not a candidate for reelection.

3. Sufficient opportunity shall be given for members of the Chapter to submit names for consideration by the Nominating Committee. Notice of this, and of the opportunity to nominate by petition, shall be given in the Chapter newsletter.

4. The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one more candidate than the number of members of the ExCom to be elected, and shall report their names to the ExCom at least three (3) weeks in advance of the scheduled mailing of ballots. Nominees shall be members of the Chapter in good standing who give their consent. A member in good standing is defined as one who can prove Sierra Club membership on or before October 30, 1998. Nominees will be requested to submit a ballot statement to be included with the ballot in the Chapter newsletter.

5. Any person who is proposed to the Nominating Committee or who volunteers to the Nominating Committee, who is not approved by the Nominating Committee, must be notified by the Nominating Committee by October 1.

6. The name of any member of the Chapter proposed in writing by five (5) members of the Chapter, and who gives consent, shall also be included on the ballot, provided that the petition and statement of consent are received by the Secretary at least ten days in advance of the scheduled mailing of the ballots.

7. Prior to the scheduled date of mailing of ballots, the ExCom shall appoint an Elections Committee of at least three (3) members of the Chapter. No nominee may serve on the Elections Committee.

8. The Secretary shall cause the ballots to be prepared and mailed as scheduled. The ballot should allow each voter to vote once each for as many candidates as there as positions to be filled. The Elections Committee shall hold returned ballots unopened until the closing hour of the election. Ballots received by the Elections Committee postmarked after the established closing date of the election shall not be counted.

9. The Elections Committee shall count the ballots on the closing date of the election, or the first convenient date within the following two weeks. The Elections Committee shall report the results immediately to the Secretary, if the Secretary is not serving on the Elections Committee. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. Any tie shall be resolved by lot, in the presence of the candidates or their authorized representatives. The Secretary shall immediately notify the candidates and the Chapter Chair. The ballots shall be retained until their destruction is directed by the ExCom.

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