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How to Connect to Chapter Information on the Internet

by Ed Paynter
Hoosier Chapter Webmaster

The Hoosier Chapter uses the Internet in two major ways: Web pages and discussion lists.

Web pages

The Web pages contain information that the Chapter wishes to publicize.

Almost any data - documents, pictures, sound bites, and music - can be put on the Web.

If you have data items that would be of interest to other Chapter members, copy the items to a diskette or e-mail them to the Webmaster. Contact the Webmaster if you would like to help maintain the Web pages. Ed Paynter,, is the Webmaster.

Discussion lists

The Chapter sponsors discussion lists for the distribution and exchange of e-mail messages among each listıs subscribers.

The Chapter has been allocated up to 25 discussion lists on the listserver at Club headquarters in San Francisco. Each group may have five lists.

So far the Chapter sponsors these lists:

A general purpose environmental discussion list, open to all.
A discussion list for the Chapter Executive Committee, The Indiana Sierran editor, and Chapter staff.
A discussion list for members working on the Chapter's priority campaign for 1998.
A discussion list for those who wish to help the Chapter better use the Internet.

To subscribe to any of these lists, send a message like this:

Subject: [ignored; may be left blank]
Msg body: SUBscribe <listname> <your name>

Replace "<listname>" with the name of one of the lists and "<your name>" with your real first and last names (no quotes and no brackets).

Some lists require that you confirm your subscription attempt. This prevents someone else from subscribing you to a list. Some lists with limited subscriptions will forward your request to the list's owner, the person who manages the list, for approval.

You may send a message to the subscribers of any list to which you are subscribed. It is also possible to send messages to some lists to which you are not subscribed, depending on how each list is configured.

To send e-mail to any list, address your message like this:


Replace "<listname>" with the name of a real list.

At the Club level, hundreds of lists are in operation. Many are run by other Chapters but open to all members or to anyone depending on the list charter. For a list of these lists, send this message:

Subject: [ignored; may be left blank]

You can send a number of commands after subscribing to a list to manage your subscription. You can read more about this at:

A brief tutorial on using the listserver is at:

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