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Chapter Improves Group Boundaries

by Ed Paynter

With the goal of better service to members, the Hoosier Chapter Executive Committee voted to reorganize the boundaries of all six Chapter regional groups. The change took effect at the end of April.

Under the former boundaries, some Hoosier groups were stretched nearly across the state. This made participation in local activities by the more remotely located members unlikely.

The Uplands Group, centered in Bloomington, was assigned members from as far apart as Terre Haute and Columbus.

Many Indiana counties were split between two groups. LaPorte - the county seat - was in one group; most of the rest of the county was in another.

The new boundaries follow county lines (see the sidebar below). One change that should be especially helpful is the redefinition of the Dunelands Group boundary to be the same as the Eastern-Central time-zone line in northwestern Indiana.

The Dunelands boundary now includes all counties that border on the Kankakee River in Indiana, the backbone of the proposed, Chapter-supported Grand Kankakee Marsh National Wildlife Refuge.

Most Chapter members are not affected by this change. Some members continue to be outside the boundary of any group.

Members who have shifted to a different group, or from not having been in a group at all into a group, should begin to receive newsletters and other information from their new group within a few months.

If you are not in a group

If you are not within a group boundary, you have three options:

  • You may request to be included with one of the groups. Do this by contacting the Chair of that group or any member of the Chapter Executive Committee.
  • You may decide that there should be a group in your area and ask the Chapter for help in getting one started. Some areas have more than enough Sierra Club members to build an active group. All it takes is one member who says, "I'll try."
  • You may do nothing. You are still a member of the Hoosier Chapter and will receive information from the Chapter, but not from any group.

Remember, no action is required by these changes unless you wish to change your group affiliation or help start a new group.

Webmaster's note: You may now find your group by clicking on the state map on the "Chapter Groups" page.

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