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Letter from the Chair

By Chris Pedersen, Hoosier Chapter Chair

Concern about the environment is here to stay. The "War on the Environment" that we have been fighting since 1994 is a political escalation of the environment as a national issue and will not be over with a change in Congress. The focus will perhaps shift, but there will still be plenty to keep us busy. Over the years, some battles have been won; many of the obvious pollutants in the air and water are greatly reduced, and we are beginning to manage our waste more responsibly. There are many other fights we must continue: protecting our public lands, reducing or eliminating the use of toxic substances, and halting irresponsible development activities to name just a few.

Various resources are needed for us to be able to tackle these problems, but only one is absolutely essential: people who want to help protect the environment. The Hoosier Chapter consists of over 6500 members throughout Indiana. Right now most of the work of the Chapter (not including our six local groups) is handled by less than 20 people. We desperately need to reach out to our members to enable more people to become involved in helping with our efforts.

Beginning this fall and continuing into 1997, I will be working directly with the Sierra Club's Midwest Regional Office in Madison, Wisconsin to develop and conduct some workshops or seminars in Indiana for our membership and other interested people. I would love to have input from each of you on what you would most like to see from the workshops. Where should the workshops be held? What environmental issues are important to you? What kind of training would help you in your efforts to protect the environment in your community?

In addition, some members of the Chapter Executive Committee have expressed interest in assisting our local groups with various activities, and helping to start new groups in counties, towns, or cities where there is enough interest.

It will not be possible to work with all parts of the state at once, so prioritizing will be needed. One very important determinant of where to start will be the input received from you. I invite each of you to contact me, other Chapter Excom members, or your local Group Chair to express your concerns, interests or suggestions about how the Chapter can best work with you to continue the effort to save our environment!

Chris Pedersen

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Fall 1996