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Breakfast of Environmental Champions

By Natalie Kurylo, Heartlands Group

There I was, happily breakfasting on an 8 oz. container of lowfat yogurt (mocha latte flavor--mmm!) when I noticed some writing on the container's lid. Since I was a kid, I've always liked to read while eating breakfast (you know, cereal boxes, milk cartons, etc...) so I thought I'd check out what this lid had to say.

Also, this was no ordinary yogurt. It was Stonyfield Farm yogurt (pretty much a healthfood store brand--they do some organic products) and they're known for the cow wearing a beret on the front of the French Vanilla containers. Based on the company's reputation, I figured this would be interesting reading.

The first words to jump out at me from the underside of the lid were "CONGRESS, HAVE YOU FLIPPED YOUR LIDS?" Okay, now they've really got my attention. As I read on, I realize that this is a preprinted "letter" to anybody's congressperson about protecting the environment. They even include an 800 number to call for more information or the name of your congressperson.

In addition to a few sentences about voting on behalf of the environment, there's a signature line and space for the signer's city and state. All one has to do is sign the lid, drop it in a stamped and addressed envelope and put it in the mail. Stonyfield couldn't have made it much easier and I'm sure it will get noticed by Congresspeople across the country--wouldn't you notice if people started mailing you yogurt lids?!

I also liked the eye-catching quote on the top of the lid, "THE PLANET IS EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS." I'm glad to see that Stonyfield Farm not only recognizes this, but is doing something about it. Hopefully other companies will catch on and I'll have all kinds of odd objects to mail to Congress. In the meantime, I'm going to sign my yogurt lid and mail it in with a note asking them to please recycle it when they're done--after all, it is #2 plastic!

If you know of other companies doing similar projects please let us know!

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Summer 1996