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Vote Today for Chapter Executive Committee Candidates

Each year, members of the Hoosier Chapter elect fellow members to serve on the chapter’s executive committee. The executive committee is the governing body of the Hoosier Chapter. The committee meets six times a year and works in between via telephone and electronic mail. It manages the chapter, establishes conservation policies and priorities, appoints members and chairs of chapter committees, organizes outings and other activities, and represents the club to the public.

Voting instructions for Hoosier Chapter members are included in the printed version of this newsletter. Only hard copy ballots found in the newsletter are acceptable for voting. All eight candidates' ballot statements are included below. Four are to be elected.

Peter Fritz
I am a research scientist engaged in industrial processes to promote clean-fuel vehicles, reduce natural resource consumption, and eliminate volatile emissions from factory and utility processing. I hold multiple U.S. patents in clean vehicle fuel tankage, lumber elimination in fenestration products, and I have patents pending for process equipment to reduce energy consumption and eliminate volative solvents in industrial painting processes.

I have spent most of my free-time outdoors, with over a decade of leadership as an assistant scoutmaster for Boy Scouts and Explorers (Crew). I enjoy camping, biking, canoeing, and hiking and support the concept of human/earth environmental harmony. I lived for 25 years in the Pennsylvania Appalachian forests and waterways and have a deep desire to preserve and protect our natural resources.

I have completed a Ph.D. in Engineering Science and have served as a lecturer and professor at Penn State and Marquette University. I have served as the board chairman of the Boy Scouts of America Eagle Selection Committee and as a delegate for the Marquette Industrial Advisory Board. I have completed an MBA at Stritch University of Milwaukee.

I have raised two boys who are Eagle Scouts, with my wife Mary Fritz, and have continued to support outdoor activities in regional scouting troops yearly. My boys are now of college age, and I now have time available to serve in the Hoosier Sierra Club. I would be honored to serve on the Hoosier Chapter Executive Committee of the Sierra Club and anticipate that I can execute changes in the Hoosier State to preserve the waterways, grounds, and air to support the plants, trees, and animals of my new home state of Indiana.

Lori Hazlett

For the past five years I worked for the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter as the chapter coordinator. As the chapter’s sole staff person, I have witnessed firsthand a growing disconnect between chapter leadership and the membership. The Sierra Club is a national volunteer-driven organization that has the ability to take on environmental challenges that face us in our backyards as well as those at a state and national level. But it can do so only if the chapter leadership effectively serves the chapter’s members by guiding and supporting their local efforts. If elected to the ExCom, I pledge to be accountable to the members and to work to return the focus of the chapter to grassroots organization, development, and support of local groups.

As a staff member, I focused on grassroots organizing, membership, and group development. I helped organize the Winding Waters Group and helped to revitalize the Dunelands, Heartlands, and Michiana Groups. I also provided day-to-day support to all Hoosier Chapter groups, often devoting nights and weekends to these activities.

Currently, I am working with the Sierra Club Heartlands Group and Hoosier Environmental Council on mercury awareness for women of childbearing age. At the national level, I sit on the Sierra Club Chapter and Group Effectiveness Committee, working to develop and implement a pilot program for 2-3 chapters to optimize effective chapters and/or groups.

As an ExCom member, I can provide a wealth of club administrative, organizational, and strategic knowledge to bear on the chapter’s efforts. I also offer new energy and functional leadership to the Hoosier Chapter. I look forward to working for and with you for a better Indiana environment. You can reach me at

Vicki L. Perry

“The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking.”--Murray Bookchin

After being an active Sierra Club member in the Heartlands Group, I have decided to run for a seat on the ExCom because I strongly believe our members deserve dedicated, responsible, transparent leadership.

My qualifications include:

  • BS Environmental Science, minors in Political Science and Spanish, Purdue University
  • Appointed by Mayor as Director of Lawrence’s Comprehensive Local Environmental Action Network, an IDEM pilot program
  • Creator and director of Keep Lawrence Moving, a public transportation advocacy group
  • Currently a Wastewater and Drinking Water Technical Assistance Provider
  • Represented Sierra Club’s national Clean Water Campaign at the 2005 Summit
  • Helped unite coalition of environmental groups to fund mercury testing in local women

My father was a naturalist in the National Parks, so I developed a commitment to environmental protection at an early age. In college, I directed an environmental justice organization, increasing its membership 400% after just one year. I also studied ecology in Mexico and am extremely fluent in Spanish. Today I enjoy passing on the tradition of living lightly to my 3-year-old son.

I envision an Executive Committee that is dedicated to working in the best interest of the club members. My primary goal would be to support the efforts of the groups by facilitating communication and coordinating resources. I would also like to initiate a Social Justice Committee and increase the diversity of our membership.

I have seen the Sierra Club overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles when it is organized and united, and I believe that with the right leaders, we can become a more effective environmental organization in Indiana. If elected to the ExCom, I pledge to be accountable to the members and to work to return the focus of the chapter to grassroots organization development and support of local groups.

David Ellis

Since becoming active in the Sierra Club over a year ago, I have had a pleasant awakening. The Sierrans I have met have made me realize that there are people who are concerned about our world. The delegates I met at the Sierra Summit in San Francisco showed me a passionate movement dedicated to protecting our planet. And meeting people outside of the club makes me realize that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to change their thinking about protecting our planet.

I have received training in fundraising through the Sierra Club National Fund Raising Committee. As the Dunelands delegate to the Hoosier Chapter, I have gained experience working on the Chapter ExCom. I have also been working to start a Sierra Student Coalition at Purdue University Calumet, where I am studying part-time for a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology.

I hope to help build a strong chapter through thoughtful planning and fundraising, involve all of the groups in creating the plan, make it easier to get useful, timely information from the chapter Web site, and better communicate with our groups and nearby chapters. This will increase our strength and effectiveness when dealing with important issues that cross manmade boundaries and affect us all. If elected to the ExCom, I pledge to be accountable to the members and to work to return the focus of the chapter to grassroots organization, development, and support of local groups. We need a new way of thinking, so please elect me to the Hoosier Chapter Executive Committee. Thank you.

Glenn Pratt

Goal: Help promote a stronger Indiana Sierra program by working with local Sierra groups and coalitions to address significant Indiana environmental problems and jointly work with broad coalitions to resolution of issues. Develop a sustainable financial footing to assure Sierra’s activities in Indiana. Work to increase our place in Indiana with a stronger focus on addressing significant environmental and natural resource issues, both at the state and local levels, so that we as Sierra can say we made a difference!

Education: M.S. Environmental Engineering, B.S. Civil/Sanitary Engineering.

Experience: A lifetime of addressing major environmental and natural resource issues and problems both on the broader national and local levels. 25 years with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region V: monitoring, enforcement, state overview and toxicant control. 3 years assistant commissioner IDEM (managed Superfund, leaking underground storage tank, groundwater, emergency response, etc). Adjunct teaching at IU-Bloomington (graduate courses), Martin University and Indiana Women's Prison of environmental science and environmental justice courses.

Sierra experience: 30+ year member. Previous vice-chair ExCom, chair Legislative Committee, member Conservation, Legal and Political Committees.


  • Coordinated TMDL (watershed) training workshop for Hoosier Sierra.
  • Testimony to support Sierra positions to state and local regulatory and legislative authorities. Prior member of legislative Environmental Quality Service Council.
  • Assist local Sierra, neighborhood, and other groups on environmental issues.
  • Reach out to form alliances with nontraditional allies on environmental issues of common concern (business, farmers, cities, fisherman, etc.).
  • Member IDEM Environmental Justice, watershed (TMDL), and other committees.
  • Member DNR drought flow regulatory development committee.
  • Member Indianapolis CSO and sewage and water treatment plant technical/citizen advisory committees.
  • Filed and pressed appeal of Indianapolis NPDES and Veolia DNR discharge permits.
Daniel R. Perry

Assisting the hurricane clean-up efforts in New Orleans, I witnessed firsthand what occurs when leaders fail. The unfortunate people left in the city had no one to guide them to safety, to provide them resources to nourish their families, and no one to answer their questions. There is a saying that goes, “Without vision, the people perish.”

Along the same lines, I believe it is the responsibility of each member of the Hoosier Chapter ExCom to provide guidance to its committees, to provide resources to the state groups, and to answer their members’ questions. Without vision, our club will suffer.

I can bring the vision, the enthusiasm, and the strong leadership that an effective ExCom member needs. My primary goal would be to revisit our committee structure, to ensure strong, functioning committees to implement club objectives. If elected to the ExCom, I pledge to be accountable to the members and to work to return the focus of the chapter to grassroots organization development and support of local groups.

Professionally I am a consulting arborist with an Urban Forestry degree from Purdue University. I am a member of the Heartlands Group. I represent the Sierra Club’s members on DNR’s Trail Advisory Board. I also work with Sierra-national’s Recreational Issues Committee.

I am a highly ethical person who is not afraid to work hard. I am also a strong leader—in New Orleans I directed 100 tree crews through a flooded city to restore electricity. I have been active in environmental groups since my days at Purdue, when we organized habitat restoration and campus recycling.

It is my sincere desire to represent you on the ExCom. We need leaders with a new way of thinking to make this chapter the best it can be—leaders with vision.

Shelley Landis

I became involved with the Sierra Club while serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona. There, I became passionate about working as an environmental justice activist on issues such as sacred site preservation and clean energy. Next, I took on the challenge of creating a new Sierra Club group entity in Gallup, New Mexico. Our primary focus was on building coalitions with Native American groups focused on environmental justice issues.

I became involved with the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter in April of 2004 when I returned home to Indianapolis. I’m most proud of my volunteer work organizing an upcoming Mercury Awareness Event as part of the Heartland’s Conservation Committee and Sierra Mom’s for the Environment. Additionally, I organized an Environmental Voters event for the 2004 Presidential Election as well as an event to raise awareness of the Artic National Wildlife Refuge.

I am running for Sierra Club’s Executive Committee because I am committed to protecting the environment for future generations. I am excited about being part of a club that mobilizes people at the grassroots level to create positive change. In New Mexico, I learned that effective environmental change occurs at the local level through: empowering local communities and groups, building effective partnerships with other environmental groups, neighborhoods, and decision makers, and most importantly by supporting and recognizing committed volunteers.

If elected to the ExCom, I pledge to be accountable to the members and to work to return the focus of the chapter to grassroots organization, development, and support of local groups.

Phyllis Zimmerman

A member of Sierra Club since 1993, my focus has been on water quality. I have served several terms on the Heartlands ExCom. While serving as Heartlands’ conservation chair, I was influential in IDEM making changes to the way it looked at new sewer permits in areas that already had overflows. I also led Sierra Club’s participation in challenging floodway filling of White River at 96th Street.

As a member of the Wet Weather Technical Advisory Committee, the Mayor’s Raw Sewage Overflow Advisory Committee, and an oversight group at the sewage plant, I am still a participant in efforts to get Indianapolis to clean up its waterways.

If I am elected to the chapter ExCom, I will continue to work for clean water and clean air, energy conservation, responsible road building, green space conservation, etc. I will also work to broaden our base and reach out to other groups to achieve our goals.

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