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Chapters, Groups Announce Elections-Nominees Sought

Hoosier Chapter groups are all accepting nominations for members to run for their respective executive committees.

The Hoosier Chapter nominating committee is accepting nominations for club members to run for the chapter Executive Committee (ExCom). The Executive Committee governs the Hoosier Chapter. Five ExCom positions are available. The four candidates receiving the highest number of votes will earn a two-year term. Please submit your nominations by Oct. 17 to the nominating committee by sending the information listed below via one of the following ways:

  • Mail to Nominating Committee, Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter, 1915 W. 18th St., Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • A phone call to the chapter office at (317) 822-3750
  • An e-mail message to

Include the nominated member's name, address, and phone number and any information you would like the nominating committee to consider in making its selections. Any person who is proposed to or who volunteers to the nominating committee, but is not approved, will be notified by the nominating committee.

Responsibilities of Executive Committee Members

Candidates should have the desire to participate in the work of the executive committee, which includes providing opportunities to club members in the chapter to participate in outings, programs, and conservation efforts, both local and national. They should be willing to work on other chapter efforts in fundraising, volunteer development, publicity, and/or chapter management. Candidates should be willing and able to participate in six bimonthly executive committee meetings, usually on Saturdays and usually in Indianapolis. If you are or know of a member who fits this brief description, please consider suggesting him or her to the nominating committee.

Nominations for Dunelands, Heartlands, Michiana, and Winding Waters Groups

Each of the groups that will hold an election this year has established its own nominating committee. The number of positions available will depend on the group. Nominations sent to the chapter office for a group executive committee will be forwarded to the correct volunteer committee. Please contact your local group for more details.

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