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Monitor Rivers and Streams in Your Area

Would you like to be trained to monitor water quality in the stream or river by your house, park, or place of business?

Luckily in Indiana we have Hoosier Riverwatch. Hoosier Riverwatch is a state-sponsored water quality monitoring initiative. The program was started in 1994 to increase public awareness of water quality issues and concerns by training volunteers to monitor stream water quality. Hoosier Riverwatch collaborates with agencies and volunteers to

  • Increase public involvement in water quality issues through hands-on training of volunteers in stream monitoring and cleanup activities.
  • Educate local communities about the relationship between land use and water quality.
  • Provide water quality information to citizens and governmental agencies working to protect Indiana's rivers and streams.

Hoosier Riverwatch is sponsored by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources-Division of Fish and Wildlife. The Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter is fortunate to have a wonderful volunteer who has been trained to hold Hoosier Riverwatch trainings. We would love to set up several Riverwatch classes across the state in the next few months. Please contact Lori Hazlett at the chapter office if you would like to be trained to monitor water quality in your area. Call (317) 822-3750 or e-mail

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