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New Leaders Bring Ideas and Energy to Sierra Club in Indiana

By Gene Cox, Hoosier Chapter Chair

Heartlands Group Is Back!

The Heartlands Group is back with a bang! Our central and most populous group has a whole new slate of officers, new ideas, and new energy.

The Heartlands Group has elected an experienced, diverse, and enthusiastic new executive committee. All have experience volunteering for the group, and several have held offices at the chapter level. The new group executive committee has a wildlife biologist and an attorney. Some officers have considerable outings leadership training and experience; others have conservation backgrounds. And several have membership development skills. All have the ideas and energy to grow a dynamic group.

Our chapter will benefit from having an active group in the state capital. Not only does this group have over 2,000 members, but it is right in the heart of Indiana’s political hub.

This affords the state an active group in Indianapolis with the opportunities to serve its large membership. It can also add to the political arena as a vital center of energy for our state. I see the Heartlands Group as a tremendous way to continue fortifying the Hoosier Chapter. Working together with our other groups, the Heartlands Group will be making a real difference in Indiana.

Chapter Executive Committee News

Alice Warnicki was elected to join the Hoosier Chapter Executive Committee this year; we are fortunate to have her join the team. Alice has experience in biology and marketing and is particularly interested in improving the trail system in our state parks. She has volunteered to join the chapter’s outings committee as well as the budget and finance committee. Alice said that she is eager to “spread the word” about the Hoosier Chapter.

Also we have new group representatives joining the Hoosier Executive Committee. Dave Ellis from the Dunelands Group volunteered to head the development committee as well as assist on the nominations and elections committee.

Lori Hazlett will continue lending her support in the office. And we have Bowden Quinn coming back again this year as our lobbyist and conservation organizer. Please feel free to contact Lori, Bowden, me, or any of the chapter officers if you would like to help in any capacity. Remember, our club is a grassroots-driven organization; we only accomplish what we put our energy into.

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