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Chapter Supports Continuous Knobstone Trail

The Hoosier Chapter Executive Committee voted to contribute $1,000 to the Hoosier Hikers Council in support of its efforts to acquire land to connect sections of the Knobstone Trail. The entire amount will be used for land acquisition. The chapterís contribution will support the huge grant applications that HHC is submitting in its efforts toward a continuous Knobstone Trail.

Hoosier Chapter members will have opportunities to learn more about the project and to participate in trail work. At the HHC annual meeting, which will be held at Eagleís Crest at Eagle Creek in Indianapolis on March 19, a presentation will show every parcel across which the trail needs to pass and will provide a progress report. If you would like to attend the meeting, contact to be advised of the time. Sierra Club trail work outings on the Knobstone are scheduled for March 26-27 and April 23-24 (see outings listing).

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Spring 2005