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Vote Today for Chapter Executive Committee Candidates

Each year, members of the Hoosier Chapter elect fellow members to serve on the chapterís executive committee. The executive committee is the governing body of the Hoosier Chapter. The committee meets six times a year and works in between via telephone and electronic mail. It manages the chapter, establishes conservation policies and priorities, appoints members and chairs of chapter committees, organizes outings and other activities, and represents the club to the public.

This year we are electing five members. Five members have been nominated. One write-in slot has been provided. Please vote for no more than five members. The five who receive the most votes will be elected to two-year terms. Look for the ballot at the back of the newsletter which has been mailed to all chapter members.

Households with joint memberships are allowed two votes. If your household is casting two votes, use the boxes in both columns on the ballot.

Despite the fact that your name appears on the mailing information on the back of the ballot, YOUR VOTE IS SECRET. One member of the election committee opens the ballots without looking at the votes and verifies that each ballot has a chapter memberís mailing information on it. That person from the election committee then turns all the ballots over in a pile, mailing information side down, to be counted by the other members of the election committee.

Please take a moment to express your support of the chapter by casting your ballot. Ballots must be returned by Dec. 31. Ballot sequence was drawn by lot.

Shondra Zaborowski

I have served on the Hoosier Chapter Executive Committee for the past three years. I am currently the membership/development/fundraising committee chair. I enjoy working within the groups and chapter to encourage members to become activists. Through my committee involvement, I have grown to look forward to tabling events and speaking to community members about joining the Sierra Club. I am now working to develop my fundraising skills and hope to attend a national training in the future.

My husband, daughters, and I are outdoors enthusiasts. We love to hike, camp, and do service projects. We frequently participate in chapter outings. I have been through National Sierra Club Outings Leader Training and lead many outings each year. I have a degree in environmental science and natural resources from Purdue. Since the birth of my first daughter, I have been a stay-at-home mom. The Sierra Club is a great way for me to serve our environmental community. I look forward to continuing my service as an executive committee member.

Bill Hayden

I have been a member of the Sierra Club since 1983 and a member of the executive committee for longer than I like to think about. I have been the treasurer for the last two years and the conservation/legislative chair for the last year as well as a member of the personnel and political committees for the last year.

The Hoosier Chapter faces a serious financial challenge due to a significant reduction in multipurpose 501(c)(4) funds, which it receives from the national Sierra Club. The chapter checking account has gone from approximately $65,000 to $20,000 in the last two years. It is now essential that a much greater part of the staff salary be reportable as a 501(c)(3) expenses so that the chapter can use its increased 501(c)(3) allocation from the Sierra Club Foundation. It is essential that the chapter staff spend a much greater proportion of time on conservation rather than administration and fundraising.

At the same time if the chapter is to be a genuinely effective conservation/environmental organization, it is also essential that the chapter find a way to hire and sustain staff that can effectively organize our members to represent the chapter before governmental bodies as well as make it more effective in the electoral process. I pledge to continue to work to achieve these goals for the Hoosier Chapter if I am reelected to the executive committee.

Alice Wernicki

I first joined the Sierra club in 1997 and have participated in many local and national outings. I am an avid hiker and outdoors volunteer. This summer I participated in my fifth volunteer vacation and was appointed crew leader for the outing.

This is my second year as a Hoosier and, now that I am settled in, I am particularly interested in improving the trail systems of our local parks. Many of our local parks have trails that have not been maintained or have no trails at all. Using my background in biology and marketing, I believe that I can assist with spreading the word about our strategic initiatives and help with planning and implementing these initiatives.

Tom Neltner

In 2002, I joined the Hoosier Chapterís executive committee. While on the chapter excom, I have served as a chapterís chair of the legal committee handling both internal legal issues and handling two cases on a pro bono basis. Until September 2003, I also served as the excomís secretary. I am an active member of the conservation committee and the political committee. During the fall election campaign of 2003, I stepped in and temporarily served as chair of the political committee. From March 2003 to February 2004, I served as the chair of the CAFO committee and negotiated the stateís general permit rule for concentrated animal feeding operations. From December 2003 to June 2004, I served as a part-time contractor to the club working on improving IDEMís compliance and enforcement efforts. I was not on the excom during this time.

As you can see, my approach is to help the chapter out in whatever way I can to help the chapter succeed. As a chemical engineer and an attorney with six years of experience at IDEM as an assistant commissioner and six years in chemical manufacturing, I bring a mix of skills and perspectives that help the chapter respond to the challenges that confront our environment.

Outside of the club, I am a full-time childrenís environmental health activist for a small Indianapolis-based organization called Improving Kidsí Environment. I have been with IKE since its inception in May 1999. At IKE, I publish the Sewage in Our Streams Newsletter on behalf of the Indiana Clean Water Coalition. The chapter is a member of that coalition.

January Jones

I am mother of a wonderful three-year-old son. His playful ways and interest in the world around him reminds me how important our health and the environment are Ė and how intertwined as well. Only when we think of our health and the environment together will we begin to make sustained progress.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in public affairs with an environmental management concentration from Indiana Universityís School of Public and Environmental Affairs. I currently work with Strategic Development Group in Bloomington. SDG is a consulting firm that works on community, business and economic development projects throughout Indiana.

For two years, I served as the research director for Improving Kidsí Environment. In that role, I coordinated the Citizenís Healthy Homes Initiativeóa collaboration of IKE, the Citizenís Multi-Service Center, and the Concerned Clergy. I had the privilege of working with inner city youth to sample homes for lead hazards, mold, carbon monoxide, and cockroaches. While not glamorous, this nitty-gritty world of environmental hazards helped me better understand the challenges Hoosiers and our environment face.

Beyond science, policy, and motherhood, I am interested in the media. I minored in photography from the IU School of Fine Arts and have had my works published in various publications. I also volunteer at the local community radio station and independent newspaper. I am keenly aware of the impact media has on our daily perceptions of environmental issues and try to use my resources to express ideas and concerns that are often lost in the shuffle of daily news and politics.

I have a continued and sustained interest in promoting sound environmental policy and grassroots issues and would be honored to serve as a member of the executive board for the Sierra Club.

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