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Conservation Strategy Includes You

By Lina Gordy, Hoosier Chapter Conservation Organizer

Local conservation committees continue to meet and accomplish great things. They are an excellent way to become involved in your local community and help accomplish real environmental improvements.

With so many exciting projects on both the state and local levels in Indiana, there has never been a better time to join a conservation committee! Our awesome conservation leaders and activists energize me every time I have the opportunity to participate in their meetings. They inspire me with their true grassroots activism and desire to make their local environment better.

The chapter conservation committee is stronger than ever and recently finalized a "Sierra Club Campaign Planning Matrix" for a campaign that will ensure greater enforcement of the laws that protect our environment in Indiana. At the matrix meeting, 11 activists participated with representatives from four groups and the chapter.

We are building a better club and a better environment from the bottom up. Joining a conservation committee may be the best thing you'll do for the environment this year! See you at your next conservation meeting.

Group Conservation Committee Meetings

Michiana's conservation committee, led by conservation chair Chuck Rupley, is working on the US-31 bypass options and organizing conservation-based program meetings. The committee is also working with the chapter on the compliance project, with Hazel Stevens as the lead activist. Michiana's conservation committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the public library in Mishawaka. Contact Chuck at (574) 277-2511 or to become involved.

The Five Rivers conservation committee is most known for its work with Muncie's recycling program. The committee is also participating in the compliance project under leadership of the group's sprawl chair, Mark Darrall. John Taylor is the group's conservation chair. Contact John at (765) 741-8711 or to find out about Five Rivers' conservation activities.

The Wildcat Group is just starting a conservation committee. Please welcome Sue Uhlig in the role of conservation chair! Wildcat's conservation committee has great plans for working on the Hoosier Heartland Highway bypass alternatives, the disturbing odors and pollution from the local ethanol plant, and collaborations with Purdue University. Join Sue in creating a better Wildcat environment! For more information about conservation activities in Wildcat territory, contact Sue at (765) 446-9045 or

Heartlands Group conservation activities are lead by John Ulmer. John brings great expertise from his experience as the previous conservation chair for the chapter and the leader of the chapter's participation in Hoosier Riverwatch. Heartlands' conservation efforts are focused on water quality, but with the tremendous membership base in the Indianapolis area, who knows how many great things they can accomplish! Contact John at (317) 769-3500 or for more information.

George Smolka is Dunelands' conservation chair. Contact George at (219) 924-5308 or to become involved.

Winding Waters' conservation efforts are lead by Charlie Mitch. The Winding Waters group has been very active and successful in reducing combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in Winding Waters territory. The conservation committee meets the third Wednesday of each month at the public library in Columbus. Contact Charlie for more information at (812) 378-4963 or

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