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Please Give Feedback to Improve Outings Program

With an abundance of enthusiastic and well-trained leaders, the Hoosier Chapter hopes to make its outings program even stronger. The true measure of our success will be a steady increase in the members who attend outings. You can help by completing and returning the questionnaire that follows. Thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to complete and return this form.

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Hoosier Outings Survey

Check all responses that apply.

1. In the past year I have attended:

  • Hoosier Chapter outings
  • national Sierra Club outings
  • other Sierra Club outings

2. I like to attend Sierra Club outings because:

  • the leaders are knowledgeable and competent
  • they are held at places of interest to me
  • I enjoy being with other people who share my views and interests
  • Sierra Club outings are fun
  • other__________________________________________

3. I would attend more Sierra Club outings if:

  • I had someone to go with
  • they were closer to home
  • they were further from home
  • they were more fun
  • other__________________________________________

4. The reason I don't attend more Sierra Club outings is:

  • I'm afraid it will be too difficult for my fitness/ability
  • I don't have time
  • I don't have the skills/experience for the activity
  • I'm afraid I won't know anyone there
  • days/times are inconvenient
  • I don't know about them or I forget
  • the outings scheduled are not of interest to me
  • other__________________________________________

5. The type of outings I am interested in and would attend are:

  • half-day hikes
  • all-day hikes
  • car camping
  • backpacking
  • canoe/kayak
  • cross-country ski or snowshoeing
  • service (e.g. adopt-a-highway, adopt-a-river, garlic mustard pulls, etc.)
  • conservation (e.g. visit areas of concern for conservation issues)
  • educational (e.g. museums, lectures)
  • legislative
  • other__________________________________________

6. I would be more likely to attend an outing if it was listed especially for:

  • novices/new members
  • families with children
  • seniors
  • singles
  • other__________________________________________

7. How much advance notice do you need to attend an outing?

  • day
  • overnight
  • 5+ days

8. What county do you live in? ________________________

Please mail to Outings Survey, Hoosier Chapter Sierra Club, 1915 W. 18th St., Suite D, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Thank you.

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