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New Conservation Organizer Brings Passion to Her Work

By Mary Anne Gfell, Hoosier Chapter Personnel Committee Chair

The Hoosier Chapter has been working toward filling the position of conservation organizer for several years. We needed an energetic and determined person with extensive experience in grassroots organization, community outreach, education, environmental management. Lina Gordy filled the bill.

"Lina is passionate, and she is passionate about conservation," said chapter chair Gene Cox. "We are expecting great things from her!"

Lina has an M.S. in natural resources and environmental management from Ball State and currently teaches some classes there. Her undergraduate work was in environmental science in Sweden.

She has had considerable experience in organizing and managing environmental projects, organizing events, and building coalitions. She has taught technical skills to farmers, coordinated land stewardship, assisted advisory boards, and taught land owners about alternative agriculture systems. For example, she spent a year with the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology's Bio-based Advisory Board.

"I feel right at home in overalls," said Lina, "or in the statehouse presenting to legislators."

Lina Gordy is organizing the Hoosier Chapter's conservation programs.

"Our biggest need," according to John Taylor, former chapter personnel committee chair, "is to have someone help coordinate our conservation programs and bring in more active members." John headed the committee whose efforts culminated in Lina's joining our staff. "There is only so much our volunteers can do while holding down their jobs," said John. "Lina will help keep us coordinated and focused."

Lina's initiation will be spent in the statehouse as the current legislative session is a short one. She will be working with Bowden Quinn, our lobbyist, as well as Bill Hayden, our conservation chair, to assist in talking with legislators and promoting bills that are supported by the chapter.

Lina lives in Muncie with her husband, Ben Gordy, whom she met while they were students at Ball State. "I came here for one semester, stayed for graduate school, and then I met Ben," Lina said. "Indiana has been good to me. This is my chance to give something back with something that I am good at."

Lina would love to hear your ideas or suggestions. She can be reached at or (765) 730-5465.

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