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Chair's letter

By Gene Cox, Hoosier Chapter Chair

The Hoosier Chapter is moving into spring with new leaders, new staff, a new group, and new energy.

New Executive Committee Members

Michelle Barnier. Michelle recently moved back to Indiana from Oregon, where she worked as an environmental educator and camp director for the Audubon Society. We are certainly happy Michelle wanted to be closer to family in Indiana! Michelle is energetic and full of knowledge; we look forward to working with her. Michelle is our new chapter secretary.

Jane Fuller. Jane hails from Hobart and has really invigorated the chapter's outings committee since her assumption of the chapter outings chair last year. Jane has also served as group chair in the Dunelands Group. At my attendance at the Sierra Club's grassroots organizing training a few years ago with Jane, I found her to be very energetic and full of ideas. I'm sure she will liven up our excom meetings! Hazel Stevens. Hazel is a group representative from the newly formed Michiana Group. I attended one of its first organizational meetings and found Hazel in the thick of things. The group has been off to an impressive start since last fall.

Mary Anne Gfell. Mary Anne lives in Indianapolis and has extensive managerial experience. I was very happy to see her join the personnel committee and receive a unanimous vote to assume the leadership position. Mary Anne's personnel committee is particularly important this year because, in addition to staffer Lori Hazlett, our chapter will need to work with several new paid contractors.

New Staff

Many of you already know Lori Hazlett, who has been holding us together since 2000 as chapter coordinator. If you've ever phoned our office, you have likely been helped by Lori. And if you've dropped by, you may have been lucky enough to have met two-year old Skylar, Lori's "office assistant."

Tom Neltner. Tom is committed to a project to evaluate inspection and performance of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). He is focused on three specific areas: asbestos, sanitary sewer overflows, and environmental issues regarding closing manufacturing and commercial facilities. Tom is an attorney, and he has headed Improving Kids Environment (IKE) for many years. Until recently he served on our chapter's executive committee.

Bowden Quinn. Bowden is our lobbyist for this legislative session. He will be working in the Indiana statehouse to push for environmental legislation. This session is expected to be a short one, so there is much to do in a short time. Bowden will also be working with Lina Gordy, to familiarize her with the workings of our legislators. Lina Gordy. We are expecting great things from our new conservation organizer! (See Mary Anne's article about Lina in this issue.) We have felt a need for this position for several years, and reaching our goals for this year will depend on her. Lina has extensive experience and seems very eager.

New Group

The Michiana Group, mentioned above, was recently formed. This group is particularly important because of some key legislators in its district, and I'm glad to see that they have already begun working with their legislators.

New Energy and Purpose

We are off to a great start; this should be a fantastic year! Please contact Lori or any one of our officers or contractors if you would like to help in any capacity. Remember, the Sierra Club is a grassroots-driven organization; we only accomplish what we as members put our energy into.

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Spring 2004