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A Howling Good Time with Wolves

By Jane Fuller, Hoosier Chapter Outings Chair

The human visitors begin to howl. As I watch Chetan, his grizzled head tips back, his eyes narrow, and the vapor of his breath clearly emanates as he begins to howl, continuing along with his pack-mates, Erin and Tristan, long after the human visitors have gone quiet.

The night is crispy-cold, the sky very clear, lending even more brightness to the three-quarters moon and the myriad of stars. A perfect night for howling with wolves.

Such was the experience of the group who attended the chapter outings meeting in West Lafayette. After the meeting, we traveled to Wolf Park in Battle Ground, spending the afternoon touring the park, meeting all of the wolves (and Wild Bill the coyote, of course), and learning about the research done at the park. When the park closed at 5, we made our way back to the Lafayette Brew Pub for a great dinner and even better social time. But 7:30 found us back at the park, ready to howl. What a night!

The outings committee met this Wolf Park resident.   Photo by Jay Stevens

Our next outings committee meeting will be on Jan. 24 at 10 a.m. at the Hoosier Chapter office in Indianapolis. There is no formal committee. All who are interested are encouraged to attend. There are newcomers at every meeting, so don't worry about being an odd-(wo)man-out. Bring your lunch and snacks to share.

After the meeting, there will be an outing to the Indiana State Museum, where we will browse the exhibits and attend an IMAX showing. Details for IMAX are not available this far ahead, so contact me in January for details. Combo tickets are available for the museum and IMAX, and we get a reduced group rate for a group of 10 or more. All costs are on your own. Those wishing to extend the day will share dinner at a nearby restaurant. You may join the group for the entire day or for those parts that interest you. Contact me by e-mail or (219) 942-0076.

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