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Vote Today for Chapter Executive Committee Candidates

Each year, members of the Hoosier Chapter elect fellow members to serve on the chapter's executive committee. The executive committee is the governing body of the Hoosier Chapter. The committee meets six times a year and works in between via telephone and electronic mail. It manages the chapter, establishes conservation policies and priorities, appoints members and chairs of chapter committees, organizes outings and other activities, and represents the club to the public.

This year we are electing five members for two-year terms and one member for a one-year term. Five members have been nominated. One write-in slot has been provided. Please vote for no more than six members. The five who receive the most votes will be elected to two-year terms.

Households with joint memberships are allowed two votes. If your household is casting two votes, use the boxes in both columns on the ballot.

Despite the fact that your name appears on the mailing information on the back of the ballot, YOUR VOTE IS SECRET. One member of the election committee opens the ballots without looking at the votes and verifies that each ballot has a chapter member's mailing information on it. That person from the election committee then turns all the ballots over in a pile, mailing information side down, to be counted by the other members of the election committee. Please take a moment to express your support of the chapter by casting your ballot. Ballots must be returned by Dec. 31. Ballot sequence was drawn by lot.

Michelle Barnier

I graduated from Indiana University in 1998 with a degree in environmental science and management. After I graduated, I decided to move out to Portland, Oregon, and joined a national service program called AmeriCorps for two years. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay on as a permanent employee of the Audubon Society of Portland after serving my AmeriCorps year there. I was an environmental educator at Audubon, as well as camp director. I worked with many great volunteers and helped children explore and expand their fascination with the natural world. I am now living back in Indianapolis after deciding Portland was just too far away from my family and look forward to being able to contribute my ideas and values to local environmental concerns. I have been a Sierra Club member for many years and have always wanted to become more involved. When told of the opportunity to join the executive committee, I was truly excited about working with another amazing environmental organization.

Gene Cox

I have been an active member of the Sierra Club since 1981, serving as group chair and at various chapter offices in Illinois. Since moving to Indiana, I have been active in the Winding Waters Group. I have also served as chair of the Hoosier Chapter for the past two years. I would like to increase membership in Indiana, and increase the number of folks getting active in our club. Under the current political situation, we are fighting just to hang on to the fragile protections our environment has; we need more involvement to take back what we have lost and to move forward. Under President Reagan, membership in the club soared; but now it isn't growing nearly as fast. I will do what I can to raise awareness in today's even more environmentally abusive atmosphere. We need to get more folks to join and to get members more active in their communities.

Jane Fuller

Occupation: Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have been a contributor to the Sierra Club for several years. As an avid backpacker and wilderness traveler, when the results of the 2000 election were clear, I realized that it was time for me to become a member and to get active. I chaired the Dunelands Group for a year and a half, then became Hoosier Chapter outings chair in January of 2003. My focus this past year has been to establish a solid base of trained Sierra Club outings leaders in Indiana. I plan to continue as outings chair for 2004 and believe that as a member of the chapter executive committee I will be better able to integrate the outings program with our other Hoosier Chapter efforts and activities.

Mary Anne Gfell

I would be honored to serve on the Sierra Club, Hoosier Chapter, executive committee. I have been a member of the Sierra Club for 10 years. I became involved with the Sierra Club on the chapter development committee three years ago and am now the chair of this committee. While I have been development chair, we have been working hard to increase membership and contributions with outreach events. Several of our outreach opportunities have been on college campuses that are an important focus of our membership recruiting efforts. These members and the additional donations are available to support the conservation efforts so critical to protecting Indiana's natural resources. This summer, I was trained along side other Sierra Club members to do Riverwatch monitoring. I am currently monitoring a portion of the White River at Holliday Park in Indianapolis. Working with the staff at Holliday Park to collect this information is valuable to the park as we study the effects of different policies on the health of the river. It is my administrative abilities along with my willingness to learn about conservation issues that will make me an asset to this executive committee. I feel that I will be able to give guidance for the chapter to continue to grow membership and donations.

Glenn Pratt

Goal: Promote stronger Indiana Sierra Club program by working with local Sierra Club groups and coalitions to address significant Indiana environmental problems and jointly work to resolution. Recent Sierra experience: 30+ year member. Vice-chair excom. Chair legislative committee. Member conservation, legal, and political committees. Education: M.S. environmental engineering. Experience: 25 years U.S.EPA Region V: monitoring, enforcement, state overview and toxicant control. 3 years assistant commissioner IDEM (managed Superfund, groundwater, emergency response, etc). Adjunct teaching at IU-Bloomington, Martin University, and IN Women's Prison. Activities: Testimony to support Sierra positions to state and local regulatory and legislative authorities. Assist local Sierra and other groups. Reach out to form alliances with nontraditional allies on environmental issues of common concern (business, farmers, cities, fisherman, etc.). Member IDEM environmental justice, watershed (TMDL), and other committees. Member DNR drought flow regulatory development committee. Member Indianapolis Wet Weather & WWTP technical/citizen advisory committees. Filed and pressed appeal of Indianapolis NPDES and USFilter DNR discharge permits. Coordinated TMDL (watershed) training workshop for Sierra.

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