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"Evening Tea" Event Serves Up Clean-Water Support

This fall a number of Hoosier Chapter members received an invitation to "Evening Tea 2003." Evening Tea was a no-show event in which participants were invited to "attend" a tea party. The invitation requested donations to support clean water programs in Indiana.

The chapter used Evening Tea as a fundraising event that educated people about clean water yet was designed so that donors did not have to attend an event. The money members saved on gas, baby-sitter bills, and new outfits was donated to the Sierra Club to support clean water programs. The "event" was also designed so that members would take a moment for themselves and have some tea.

Knowing that water is necessary for life, using it for a simple cup of tea reminded people that water is precious and we should continue to protect this natural resource.

What participants had to say about their Evening Tea:

"My wife and I usually enjoy drinking a cup of tea in the evenings while reading. I simply drank the tea during my evening reading time. I did enjoy knowing that others were drinking their tea as well!" Jay, Indianapolis

"I made my pot of tea (in my English bone china 'two-cups' teapot), sat down in the wicker reading chair in my 'garden room' (sitting room filled with plants), and re-read the latest issue of Sierra magazine to take notes on things I wanted to check out further and letters I intend to write." Christine, South Bend

"I spent my Evening Tea reading 'In the Dark' by one of my favorite authors, Richard Laymon (my ultimate favorite being Sue Grafton). I would like to let you know that the Evening Tea 2003 mail appeal was just that, very appealing. I really liked the concept and the look of the mailing. It had a very good feel to it, and the tea was tasty." Cathy Jo, Columbus If you have not joined us for a cup of Evening Tea, please consider doing so. If you did not get an Evening Tea invitation and would like to, please contact Lori by e-mail or call (317) 822-3750.

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