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New Outings Program Takes First Steps

A new outings program designed to include and involve all members in the state has been implemented by the Hoosier Chapter.

Jane Fuller of the Dunelands Group is the new chapter outings chair. Jane became chair of the Dunelands Group when it revitalized in 2001 and held that position through 2002.

She has attended the National Outings Leadership Training and is available to provide or arrange training for Hoosier Chapter members who wish to lead outings.

While some groups have strong outing programs, other groups are struggling in this area. Much of the state does not have affiliation with a local group, which may cause members in those areas to feel as through they don't have a way to be actively involved in Sierra Club activities.

To get more people involved and to develop a strong chapter outings program, Jane invites any interested member to become a part of the chapter outings committee. The committee will meet quarterly. The meeting will take place in the context of an outing—either a day hike or a weekend car camp. In between, contact will be maintained by e-mail. You may be included by phone if you do not have e-mail.

The committee is meant to be inclusive, not exclusive. If you would like to be part of the outings committee, all that is asked of you is to give your input and suggestions for building and maintaining the outings program. If you don't want to be considered a member of the committee, you are still welcome to attend the quarterly meetings and give your feedback and suggestions.

The first quarterly meeting will be at McCormick's Creek State Park on April 5. Meet in front of Canyon Inn at 10:30 a.m. for a hike on trail 5. Bring your lunch if you would like to stay and attend the meeting, which will start following the hike at about 1 p.m.

The Sierra Club has four requirements for all outings leaders:

  1. Be a Sierra Club member in good standing.
  2. Know and adhere to Sierra Club policies and procedures.
  3. Have first aid or comparable training appropriate to the location and type of outing being led, and carry or have access to a first aid kit appropriate for the outing or activity.
  4. Be “certified” as a Sierra Club outings leader. For Hoosier Chapter, this means that you have attended a formal Sierra Club outings leader training, or that the chapter outings chair or designee has reviewed your training and experience individually and determined competency.

Jane is willing to conduct outing leader training at various locations in the state as needed. You do not have to be affiliated with a group to become an outings leader or to be a part of the outings committee. Please contact Jane at (219) 942-0076 with any comments, questions, or suggestions for the chapter outings program.

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