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Stay Alert to Critical Legislative Developments on Wetlands

As this issue went to press, the Hoosier Chapter was opposing a wetlands bill in the state legislature that “falls far short of protecting Indiana’s disappearing wetlands,” said chapter conservation chair John Ulmer.

“Currently there is no state statute to protect wetlands from draining and filling for development,” Ulmer said. “Thousands of acres of wetlands throughout the state have been lost to commercial development, urban sprawl, and agriculture.”

Chapter members and others worked with the legislature’s Environmental Quality Service Council last summer to develop strong wetlands protection legislation. “The initial intent to provide no net loss of wetlands and a net gain of high-quality wetlands is missing from the bill,” Ulmer said.

In addition to groundbreaking wetlands protection legislation, the chapter is working on other important bills. They include funding for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and monitoring of mercury and lead pollution.

For updates on critical environmental issues in the state legislature, be sure to check this [web site regularly during the legislative session].

Your voice is needed at this critical time. To get involved, send a brief e-mail with your name to the chapter office.

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