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Carson Earns Coveted Slot on Committee

Congresswoman Julia Carson has secured a slot on the powerful House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The Transportation Committee has jurisdiction over civil aviation, maritime law, ground transportation, water resources development, water resources conservation and management, and hazardous waste cleanup. Along with her current assignment on the House Committee on Financial Services, Carson will now serve on two major committees in Congress.

I look forward to working with citizens, along with state and local government officials, in implementing a long-term transportation vision that ensures that our communities are livable and that our local economy remains an economic engine for the region and the rest of the nation, Carson stated.

As a member of the committee, Carson plans to continue her efforts to foster expansion of the Indianapolis International Airport, ensure the viability of passenger rail, continue the expansion of the central waterfront project into Fall Creek, and empower communities to combat urban sprawl and traffic congestion by increasing access to public transportation.

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