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Chapter Executive Committee Candidates' Ballot Statements

Each year, members of the Hoosier Chapter elect fellow members to serve on the chapterís executive committee. The executive committee is the governing body of the Hoosier Chapter. The committee meets six times a year and works in between via telephone and electronic mail. It manages the chapter, establishes conservation policies and priorities, appoints members and chairs of chapter committees, organizes outings and other activities, and represents the club to the public.

This year we are electing four members for two-year terms. Two members have been nominated. Four write-in slots have been provided. Please vote for no more than four members. The four who receive the most votes will be elected two-year terms.

Households with joint memberships are allowed two votes. If your household is casting two votes, use the boxes in both columns on the ballot.

Despite the fact that your name appears on the mailing label on the back of the ballot, YOUR VOTE IS SECRET. One member of the election committee opens the ballots without looking at the votes and verifies that each ballot has a chapter memberís label on it. That person from the election committee then turns all the ballots over in a pile, mailing label side down, to be counted by the other members of the election committee.

Please take a moment to express your support of the chapter by casting your ballot. Ballots must be returned by Dec. 31. Ballot sequence was drawn by lot.

Ballots are mailed to members with the printed copy of the Indiana Sierran. They may not be reproduced.     -Webmaster

Warren C. Dressler

I am interested in serving on the executive committee of the Sierra Club. I am currently a full-time homemaker with a wife and three children ages 18, 12, and 10. I have earned a bachelorís degree in secondary education (biology and physical science), an MS degree in counseling education, and a BS degree in cytotechnology. From an educational standpoint, my background in science and counseling would be of great advantage.

From a very personal standpoint, I am first and foremost a Christian. My life and my values are based with Christ at the center. I suppose that in terms of environmental issues, that has had a profound effect in that Jesus taught us to be good stewards of all the gifts that we have been given. The earth and all that is within it are our original gifts from God. We have been entrusted to take care of this precious gift and to use it, but not abuse it.

I am also a Republican. I realize that Republicans in general do not have a very admirable record in terms of environmental issues, but there are many of us who would like to right that wrong. I do not and will not take part in the political bashing that seems to have become quite commonplace in the world of environmentalism, but I will stand up for what I believe is right regardless of political lines that have been drawn.

With that, I hope that you will consider me for a position on the executive committee. If you have any questions or require any additional information, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Warren C. Dressler, 1194 S. Morgantown Rd., Greenwood, IN 46143, (317) 887-0430,

Shondra Zaborowski

I graduated in 1998 with a natural resources and environmental science degree. Since then, I have worked for the Department of Natural Resources and supervised a cityís recycling program.

I am now about to become a stay-at-home mom. This leaves me with an even greater desire for involvement in local environmental activism.

I have been an active member in the Sierra Club since 2000, when my local group, Winding Waters, began to form. I am a group outings leader and our membership development chair. I also spend time conducting Riverwatch water-quality monitoring on the White River.

Last winter, I attended national Sierra Club outings leader training and our Hoosier Chapterís strategic plan retreat. At this retreat, I was asked to fill a vacancy on the chapter executive committee. As an executive committee member, I have become involved in the chapterís membership development committee.

I would like to continue to have a voice in our chapterís decisions. As an informed and dedicated member, I will help the Hoosier Chapter implement our strategic plan. This will result in increased environmental awareness and activism across our state. I believe itís our duty as Sierra Club members to fight for preservation, protection, and improvement of Indianaís valuable natural resources.

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