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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

It sure would be nice if just once, on some issue, the Bush administration came up with a plan that didn’t involve weakened environmental protection, financial breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations, and reduced public oversight.

But nope, not a chance with the Bush administration. Bush is trying to use the tragic fires out west as an excuse to line the pockets of the global timber corporations.

Forest scientists say the best way to save lives, save homes, and save money is to treat the forests in the immediate vicinity of communities—not by logging deep in the backcountry.

The president should make protecting communities from fire the Forest Service’s top priority, and have it focus all resources on that goal. However, Bush’s plan lets the timber companies decide what areas get priority for fuel reduction. But their profits are found by taking the big trees deep in the woods, not in the scrub that clogs Community Protection Zones.

The most effective thing to do is to create a buffer zone 500 yards around communities. President Bush’s proposal would let timber companies take out the big trees deep in the forest under the guise of “thinning,” but fire scientists say this won’t do anything to protect homes and communities.

Once again the Bush administration reinforces its image and how it truly feels about this country’s wild areas: If you can’t mine it, drill it, or cut it down, what good is it.

Robert O. Blowers
Gentryville, IN

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