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Election 2002—Are You Ready?

By Shaun Moore, Hoosier Chapter Political Committee Chair

Sierra Club Member: “What? Of course I’m ready. All I have to do is walk down to the election booth Nov. 5 and vote, right?”

Shaun, Hoosier Chapter Political Committee Chair: “Not exactly. Are you registered?”

Member: “Ummmm. I’m not sure.”

Shaun: “You’ve got to be registered to vote by Oct. 7, or all our election work is for not. If you’re not sure, register again.”

Member: “All right. How do I register?”

Shaun: “You’ve got Internet access right?”

Member: “Wow, we can register online?”

Shaun: “Well you can’t do it all online, but you can do a lot of it. Go to and follow the instructions to register. You’ll still have to print the form and mail it to the address they give you, postmarked by Oct. 7. You’ll get your voter registration card in the mail. If that doesn’t work for you, look up “voter registration” in your local phone book and find where the office is in your town. And if that doesn’t work call the statewide voter info office at (800) 622-4941 or e-mail them at". And Mary, if all that doesn’t work, e-mail me at, and we’ll figure it out.”

Member: “Thanks Shaun! You’ve been a big help. I’m going to go get registered right now!”

Shaun: “Great, but don’t forget to vote on Nov. 5 also.”

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Fall 2002