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Coming to a Door Near You!

Last month marked the beginning of Sierra Club’s annual summer canvass. Every year, canvassers for the Sierra Club go door to door in communities around the country to develop the support that ultimately allows the club to protect our valuable resources and public health.

Working in partnership with the Fund for Public Interest Research, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to building the strength of the environmental movement, the club will be reaching Hoosiers across the state.

The central focus of the canvass this year is clean air. Air pollution is a serious hazard to both public health and our natural resources. The Bush administration is actively involved in efforts to weaken the laws that protect our air from that pollution. Its “Clear Skies” initiative is touted as a plan to reduce air pollution, when in fact it will allow more air pollution than if the Clean Air Act were left alone.

The door-to-door canvass serves many purposes. Chief among those is broadening the membership base for Sierra Club—to bring new Hoosiers into the organization and into the environmental movement.

But the canvass also serves to raise money to fund our efforts, to educate the public on critical issues, to raise awareness of the club’s broader work, and to generate political pressure on our elected officials for our families and for our future.

If your membership is up for renewal, you can renew right at the door with one of our canvassers. If you have renewed for the year, you can make a special contribution that will give even greater strength to our work to defend the Clean Air Act and bring the environment home to Hoosiers.

Be on the lookout—our activists may be visiting your neighborhood soon. Take a minute, hear about the current campaign, get your neighbors involved, and help out if you can.

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