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New Hoosier Chapter Chair Envisions Stronger Groups

Gene Cox is the new Hoosier Chapter volunteer chair. Gene was elected to the chapter executive committee for a two-year term.

Gene got his start in environmental issues while he and his wife lived in Chicago. While there, Gene helped start a new group in the suburbs when the Chicago Group felt the area should have its own group. Gene was the newsletter editor for a year, and then group chair for several years. He also served on the chapter level as secretary and as vice chair before moving to Indiana in 1989. With no local group in his area, Gene was inactive in the Sierra Club until 2000 when he joined efforts to start the Winding Waters Group in south-central Indiana.

Asked about his goals and visions for the chapter this year, Gene said, "I would really like to see more groups and stronger groups. To me, the primary purpose of the chapter is to support the groups. And it is from the groups that we nurture future chapter officers. We just can't have a strong, vibrant chapter without active groups."

Gene, 49, has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry but has worked mainly in the computer software industry where he holds three patents. He and his wife, who reside in Columbus, have three grown children.

Asked about his expectations for the year, Gene said, "The chapter has a number of new executive committee members this year who are very knowledgeable and are full of energy. This is going to be an exciting year for the Hoosier Chapter, and I'm looking forward to it!"

Other newly elected chapter executive committee leaders with two-year terms are Shaun Moore, Glenn Pratt, John Ulmer, and Thomas Neltner. Joseph Hailer was elected to fill a vacated one-year term.

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Spring 2002