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Chapter Working on Environmental Legislation

As we went to press, the Indiana General Assembly was weighing important legislation that would affect the state's environment. The Hoosier Chapter legislative and conservation committees, concerned members, and chapter lobbyist Laura Arnold were actively working with legislators on environmental bills.

Legislation had cleared each chamber that would delay critical protection of Indiana's remaining wetlands. "Wetlands are the best example of the work that Mother Earth does for us," said John Ulmer, chapter conservation chair. "They also bring us plants such as the marsh mallow plant, also known as Althaea officinalis. The sap from the root of this plant was originally used to make the sweet confection that is known today as marshmallows."

On Valentine's Day, the Hoosier Chapter gave members of the General Assembly a valentine and a chocolate-covered marshmallow heart as a reminder of the tremendous benefits of wetlands.

A complete report on the 2002 legislative session will appear in the next issue of the Indiana Sierran.

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Spring 2002