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Participate in Development of New Impaired Waters List

by Bill Hayden

The Clean Water Act requires that each state assess its waters for compliance with the state's water quality standards which are developed to protect existing and designated uses (such as fishing, swimming, drinking) as determined by the Water Pollution Control Board.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management's Office of Water Quality is preparing a new "List of Impaired Waters" as required by Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act.

Indiana's current list was prepared in 1998 and approved by EPA in 1999. The Hoosier Chapter objected to the elimination of much data that would have caused more streams to be declared impaired. But the chapter was ignored by IDEM and the EPA. The 1998 list can be found on IDEM's Web site. Select "Browse Topics" and "Water."

The draft 2002 list is to be published in the Indiana Register this month and will be available on IDEM's Office of Water Web site.

Citizens have the opportunity to review the new draft list, make comments and suggestions, and offer evidence to support or refute the listing of a specific water bodies during the public comment period. The public comment began March 1 and lasts for 90 days, ending June 1.

IDEM must submit the new list to EPA by Oct. 1.

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Spring 2002