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New Leader for CAFO Subcommittee

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Deb Garretson from Muncie, Indiana, is the newly elected chair of the Hoosier Chapter's conservation subcommittee focusing on the pollution from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Deb will be working with volunteers across the state in conjunction with the chapter staff conservation organizer Jolinda Buchanan.

In Muncie, Deb is the vice president on Sierra Club's Five Rivers Group. After receiving her Ph.D. from Ball State University, Deb was a practicing psychologist at Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc., in Muncie until her retirement in 2000.

She grew up in Park Forest, Illinois. Prior to moving to Indiana, she served as director for a shelter for battered women in the Chicago area. She has been a long-term women's advocate. Deb lives with her husband John Venne. She has a son, James, daughter-in-law, Lisa, and two grandchildren living in Pennsylvania.

Deb has a strong commitment to being a good steward of the earth and in ensuring that our children have clean water and wholesome food now and in the future. Heading up the Hoosier Chapter's CAFO subcommittee is one way to have a direct impact on this goal. She feels that we need to provide a check system for agribusiness, in order to protect our environment and the quality of our rural land.

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Spring 2002