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Ride the River on May 18

Mark Saturday, May 18, on your calendar! The Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter will Ride the River in four different locations throughout the state.

Each year we Ride the River to get out into nature, learn about water issues, and most importantly to have fun. Ride the River is a canoe/kayak trip designed for beginners to experienced canoers/kayakers. Pack your kids, cooler, and dry underwear!

Proceeds raised from Ride the River support the Hoosier Chapter Clean Water Campaign. A $25 per person donation is requested, with the hope that participants will raise funds from family and friends. For $25, each person gets a canoe to use that day, a T-shirt, food, and educational materials. If you choose to donate more than $25, there are other fabulous incentives at the $50 and $100 levels.

The locations of this event are as follows:
ValparaisoDunelands GroupKankakee River
MuncieFive Rivers GroupWhite River
IndianapolisHeartlands GroupWhite River
ColumbusWinding Waters GroupDriftwood River

Canoes are limited, so call now to get a registration form. Please contact Lori at the chapter office, (317) 466-9992 or by email.

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