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Next "Ride the River" in the Works

By Mat DeLillo

Believe it or not, planning for Ride the River 2002 is well under way. We have a lot of momentum from previous efforts, and the club is determined to make next year’s event stronger than ever. At this early stage, it appears there will be two major changes to the event.

First, Ride the River will occur in three or four different parts of the state on the same day. This will allow the club to raise funds around the state, capitalize more on media opportunities, and get the different groups involved. Second, we will place more emphasis on conservation and tie in recent club educational efforts on the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) process and hopefully have each Ride the River in a TMDL watershed.

We have learned a lot in the last few years and this year compiled a Ride the River training manual. The Development Committee will facilitate training sessions to give your group the tools to put on a fun, professional event.

Volunteers Needed

We have a huge need for volunteers in different parts of the state. This includes many planning roles. Please call Lori Hazlett, (317) 466-9992, at the chapter office if you are interested in any of the following opportunities: event chair (in your area), media work, promotional literature and T-shirts, outings leader, logistics, fundraising, registration and food, and conservation message.

This event provides the Sierra Club with exposure and funds to fulfill our mission. We need to improve it each year and keep the momentum going. Our goal is to make Ride the River a signature event of the Sierra Club in Indiana.

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