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Legislative Program to Focus Lobbying Efforts

A program designed to provide the planning, training, and execution needed for a grassroots lobbying campaign has been proposed by the chapter legislative committee for 2002. The proposed plan includes the following elements.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hoosier Chapter legislative program is to make the chapter an effective participant in the legislative process so that the Indiana General Assembly will pass laws that protect and enhance the environment of the Indiana.


  • Insure that the Indiana General Assembly passes laws that better and enhance the environment of Indiana.
  • Significantly increase the level and effectiveness of legislative activism among Hoosier Chapter Sierrans.
  • Increase the visibility of Sierrans among legislators both at the General Assembly and in their districts.
  • Focus scarce financial and volunteer resources more effectively on the key conservation priorities.
  • Increase the level of coordination with other environmental groups.
  • Increase the ability of the chapter to evaluate legislators so that objective data is available to the political committee for candidate endorsements.
  • Establish specific expectations in the legislative program for the chapter coordinator, executive committee, and legislative, conservation, political, and legal chairs and clear ways to coordinate and make decisions.


  • Establish a process for identifying environmental priorities for the 2002 session as well as potential legislative proposals for the 2003 session.
  • Identify at least one legislative priority and take the lead in getting a bill addressing that priority passed.
  • Monitor legislation and react as necessary before and during the legislative session.
  • Shepherd chapter-sponsored legislation through the legislative process.
  • Specifically identify activists who reside in key legislative districts.
  • Recruit at least one activist in the district of each member of the environmental and natural resource committee and appropriations committee.
  • Identify priority issues, achievable legislative objectives related to each issue, and a point person to chair a technical subcommittee on each issue.
  • Invite environmental leaders from around the state to a summit to establish priorities, establish communication and decision-making procedures, divide work, and support each other.
  • Create “internal use” voting charts for the 2001 and 2002 sessions of the Indiana General Assembly.
  • Develop a voting chart point system for introducing desirable bills, favorable committee action, amendments, and conference committee votes.

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