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Your Help Needed for the Remaining State Wetlands

by Bill Hayden, Chapter Chair

Currently Indiana has less than 10 percent of wetlands throughout the state, and those are in danger.

These remaining areas are a valuable resource both for our economy and our environment.

Wetlands are a filter for toxins in our water. They act much like a sponge to protect us from flooding, and they are an important habitat for endangered species.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is in the process of drafting a rule to protect our remaining wetlands.

Unfortunately, they are hearing strongly from industrial and development interests that are working to make this rule weak.

Your help is needed to protect our remaining wetlands.

As Gov. Frank O’Bannon and IDEM Commissioner Lori Kaplan decide on the future of wetlands in Indiana, it is critical they hear the message to adopt a strong wetland rule that protects our water quality, safeguards our remaining precious places, and protects these critical areas from destruction.

We need to protect our remaining wetlands in Indiana, for our families and for our future. Please send a letter today asking the governor to adopt a strong rule that contains protective water quality standards Section 401 certification rules and protection for isolated wetlands. You can send your letter to:

Gov. Frank O’Bannon
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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