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Groups Active with Conservation, Outings, and Service Projects Around the State

Dunelands Group Update

On the Dunelands Group revitalization committee are Jane Fuller, chair; Louise Karwowski, assistant; and Stephanie Bauman, Bob Belanger, Dennis Bell, Lynnette Fleming, Sandy O’Brien, and George Smolka.

The Dunelands Group has been active with service projects such as garlic mustard pulls in the Dunes National Lakeshore and participation in the Adopt-a-Highway program.

The group has decided to schedule an educational meeting for those willing to speak to other groups to raise awareness about wetlands protection and guide others in writing letters and attending hearings. If interested, contact Jane Fuller.

Winding Waters Group Update

Winding Waters has been active with service projects and outings. Fighting flooding, mud, and poison ivy, the group was able after two weekends to complete a garlic mustard pull and erosion control project in Noblitt Park. Over 300 little arrowwood viburnums, gray dogwood shrubs, and black willows were planted to prevent erosion. For information on projects and outings, visit the chapter Web site or call Art Hopkins at (812) 372-2862.

The conservation committee has been involved with the Columbus Comprehensive Plan as well as working on opposing the construction of a regional shopping center at I65 and SR46. To get involved, please contact Dennis Tibbetts at (812) 378-3079.

Five Rivers Group Update

The Five Rivers Group counteracted volunteer burnout by taking some time off in the summer. Regular meetings were exchanged for free time, with encouragement given to spend time enjoying the outdoors.

This hiatus doesn’t mean the group was inactive. Five members traveled to Canada to hike into the Gargantua Provincial Park, where they met up with two Dunelands members.

Five Rivers continues to work on an energy campaign, along with some confined animal feeding operations work with organizer Jolinda Buchanan.

Conservation chair John Taylor and excom chair Genny Gordy continue to work on the combined sewer overflow committee in Muncie. Signage has been approved and will be posted along the White River. The signs will point out that raw sewage enters the river after rains and snow melts, instead of saying that “pollution may occur” as was first suggested.

Five Rivers members who would like to get involved can contact John Taylor.

Wildcat Group Update

The Wildcat Group is in the process of being revitalized. If you are interested in becoming active or would like to attend the general program meetings, contact Marcia Daehler.

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