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Groups Active on Many Fronts

Five Rivers Group

by Genny Gordy and Susan Taylor

This is a report of activities in March through May.

March membership meeting with guest speakers from Ball Hospital and Dr. Helen Steussy, “Cancer and the Environment.” Membership meeting in April with John Taylor, “Native Plant Species of Indianaâ” and annual plant sale fund-raiser. Forty-plus attendees from four counties purchased over $300 in plants.

Tabled booth at Ball State’s Earth Day event. Two new activists helped regular leadership in passing out information on fish advisories, confined animal feeding operations, and Ride the River, and in signing up people to receive postings about our meetings and activities.

Tabled booth at Minnetrista, Governor’s Environmental Conference for Youth. Talked with leaders of various environmental groups, including Lori Kaplan of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Passed out free sacks of sunflower seeds to children and sold more plants, for a total of over $600 in sales.

Attended river planting exercise (cleaning trash!) for the Minnetrista prairie restoration and riverbank project on April 9, and met with Judy O’Bannon, who gave a short speech.

Attended garlic mustard pull at Mounds State Park on April 28.

Attended Power March in Cadiz, protesting peaking power plant, on April 28.

Attended rally at Statehouse on HB 1979 regarding siting issues related to new electrical generation facilities; met with other environmentalists and politicians on energy policy issues in Indiana.

Genny Gordy attended Citizen’s Advisory Board on combined sewer overflows for Muncie.

Salamander Swale outing in early March; two new members signed up at this nearly famous outing with Dr. Mike Lanoo.

John Taylor, conservation chair, was the feature for the Muncie Star Press Earth Day edition. His new job as manager of Ball State’s Christy Woods and his active involvement with the Sierra Club were included.

Good signups for the canoe trip in Brookville and canoe/hiking trip in Canada. Both included members from outside the Five Rivers boundaries.

Sprawl Committee Chair, Michele Chiuini, along with other members of his committee, continues to monitor the zoning board meetings and actions in Muncie and Delaware County.

Heartlands Group

by John Ulmer

Here is a short list of current conservation items the Heartlands Group has been involved with. The Heartlands Group yet again testified against the placing of earth fill into the White River floodway at 96th Street. This has been an ongoing battle for several years with Centre Properties, which wishes to expand a shopping center in an already congested area on the newly created land.

The group has joined with the Hoosier Environmental Council and others to fund a professional hydrology study of the area in an attempt to once and for all stop the filling of the floodway. This is viewed as a precedent-setting case with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

In other water issues, the group formally supported the Eagle Creek Watershed Task Force’s grant request for continued work in the watershed.

Also, while not formally entering the hearing process for DNR permits to chemically treat Eagle Creek reservoir for algae, the group did enter comments in support of utilizing some of the best management practices as described in the Watershed Management Plan to solve the algae problem, rather than continually chemically treat the symptom.

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Summer 2001