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State Legislature 2001: Your Help Is Needed!

by Glenn Pratt, Hoosier Chapter Legislative Chair

The Indiana legislature is in session. This year we have some very good proposed legislation, and some that must be stopped at all cost.

Please contact your legislators to let them know your views. If possible, please visit your representative and senator at their local meetings or in Indianapolis at their legislative offices. If you can't visit them, please write, call or e-mail them. Following are the important bills under consideration:

HB 1662--Appropriation to clean water Indiana fund. SUPPORT. Appropriates to the clean water Indiana fund $12,000,000 from the state. General fund to carry out the purposes of the clean water Indiana program. Help obtain field staff and matching funds to clean up agricultural and urban nonpoint source pollution.

HB 1979--Merchant power plant siting. SUPPORT. Allows local government a voice in the siting of merchant power plants. Requires an environmental impact study. Requires public hearings. Specifies the conditions that an applicant must meet before receiving a siting certificate.

HB 1789--State merit employment. OPPOSE. Would eliminate merit employment at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and other state departments. Would fully return the state to a low-quality patronage system. Bill alleges that it conforms Indiana to federal requirement, but without strong backup of federal system. Repeals provisions that require the personnel director to administer tests and certify eligible lists; establish the career bipartisan personnel system; and require each agency that employs engineers to adopt rules establishing a merit system.

SB 0320--Lead poisoning prevention. SUPPORT. Helps to expedite Indiana lead abatement program to address this major human health/environmental problem. Prohibits use of unsafe removal methods.

SB 0225--On-site waste management districts. SUPPORT. Authorizes the establishment of regional on-site waste management districts. Helps address the significant health/water quality problems from failing septic tanks across the state. Reduces sprawl by providing an alternate to expanding sewers.

SB 0244--Health database and HB 1864--Cancer registry. SUPPORT. Requires the state to expand and improve the cancer registry. Provides that the birth problems registry is to receive and record information on severe disabilities recognized at any time before a child is 4. Would allow the possible tracking of environmental/workplace impacts on health.

Other Legislation of Concern

See Hoosier Chapter Web page for details on these bills:

SB 0121Environmental quality service council extension.SUPPORT
SB 0227Residential sewage disposal system fund.SUPPORT
SB 0236Storm water management programs.SUPPORT
SB 0338Barrett Law installments.SUPPORT
SB 0339Environmental remediation revolving loan fund.SUPPORT
SB 0243Groundwater quality rules.OPPOSE
HB 1492Environmental quality service council.SUPPORT
HB 1824Wastewater revolving loan fund.SUPPORT
HB 2042Abandoned oil and gas wells.SUPPORT
SB 0228Water quality existing use designation.OPPOSE
SB 0378Solid waste management districts and brownfields.SUPPORT
SB 0408Underground storage tanks.SUPPORT
SB 0412Groundwater quality and coal mining.SUPPORT
SB 0413Groundwater quality standards.SUPPORT
HB 1303Flood-way excavation permits.OPPOSE
HB 1315Scenic and recreational rivers.OPPOSE
HB 1363Renewable energy tax credit.SUPPORT
HB 1491Water pollution control board.OPPOSE
HB 1581Designation of Indiana land and waters.OPPOSE
HB 1689Great Lakes Protection Fund.SUPPORT
HB 1715Lottery funds for the Indiana heritage trust.SUPPORT

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Spring 2001