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Meet the New Chapter Coordinator

by Genny Gordy, Staff Supervisor

Positive and upbeat, new Hoosier Chapter coordinator Lori Hazlett has an extensive background in not-for-profit fund-raising and development. Previous jobs with the Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes, and the American Heart Association prepared Lori for working with a volunteer organization.

Born in rural Clinton County, Lori camped and canoed with her family while growing up. She married Justin, a high school classmate, and they moved to Bloomington where they enjoyed hiking Monroe and Brown Counties until Justin graduated from the I.U. Law School. They then moved to California for a year. Lori and Justin loved hiking Yosemite and the Eldorado National Forest and learning to kayak.

Returning to Indiana for job and family ties, Justin took a position as a deputy attorney general, and Lori soon found the Sierra Club advertisement for chapter coordinator. The position would allow her to use her business, fund-raising, and development skills, all for a good cause. Her friendly attitude and enthusiasm are a definite bonus for a rather demanding job that involves working with both volunteer members and the public. Lori continues to volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House, and current outdoor activities include running, walking, skating, and swimming--although she is now more reluctant to swim Indiana waters.

Lori said, “I am so impressed with the work done by the environmental activists both in Indiana and throughout the country with the Sierra Club. I am learning so much about conservation issues that affect us all. It inspires me to help grow membership through new groups and to support the volunteers and work already underway.” Lori has already helped with the Dunelands Group reactivation and recently met with another group that is anxious to become part of the Hoosier Chapter Sierran family.

Hard work and dedication to a good cause must run in the family. Lori’s younger sister lives and works in a village in Zambia, Africa, where she is in the Peace Corps.

Contact Lori at the chapter office at (317) 466-9992, or e-mail her at Please welcome her on board .

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