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Vote Now for Chapter Executive Committee Candidates

The following are ballot statements of candidates for the Hoosier Chapter’s Executive Committee (ExCom), which governs the Hoosier Chapter. Nine vacancies need to be filled by suitable candidates. The five receiving the highest number of votes will serve for two years; the other four candidates will serve for one year. The ballot appears on the facing page. Please vote for no more than nine candidates. Households with joint memberships are allowed two votes. If your household is casting two votes, use the boxes in both columns on the ballot. Ballots must be returned by Dec. 31.

Rob Blowers:

I am interested in this position because, with my experience and passion for the environment, I believe I can be extremely effective. I was honored to have been selected, along with 150 other activists, to represent the Sierra Club in 1997 as a lobbyist on the first day of the 105th Congress. While there, I attended an activist training session and feel I learned a lot from this unique experience. I believe that the Sierra Club’s values provide great opportunities for environmentalists. I plan to help build a strong Sierra Club membership in Indiana by making membership more visible and encouraging and strengthening programs such as gift memberships. I am encouraged that politicians are beginning to realize that a majority of citizens place environmental concerns among their top priorities. As an Executive Committee member, I want to help strengthen the Sierra Club’s political presence in Indiana.

Bob Bruce:

I have been an environmentalist and one drawn to the outdoors since childhood. Studying and doing geology for 20 years let me see much of the world and taught me how things got to be the way they were before man came on the scene. Now like most of us, work and family obligations divert much of the time and energy we would like to devote to many worthy causes, so finding things to do that matter are important. Working at the chapter level has taught me much about what can be done and what is being done to restore our natural environment here in Indiana and elsewhere. I wish to continue learning and contributing to the Sierra Club’s effort to bring a balance to man’s natural resource needs and their impact on the environment that sustains us.

Jennifer Cannon:

I have been active in the Sierra Club both as a volunteer and staff. I served as chapter coordinator for two years where I focused on grassroots organizing, fund-raising, and membership. I helped coordinate the chapter’s Protect Indiana Waters Campaign, and helped organize the Five Rivers Group in East Central Indiana. I serve on the Heartlands Group Sprawl Committee that focuses on preserving green space and stopping poor development. I am a member of the chapter’s Vitality Committee to optimize committee effectiveness and volunteer development. My background is in Environmental Chemistry, Biology, and Conservation. I strongly believe in empowering people. I have worked to continuously bring new volunteer leaders and members to the Club. I will work to increase the Club’s effectiveness through grassroots organizing, fund-raising, and volunteer support. I am dedicated to our common cause of protecting and preserving our environment. I believe we can make a difference.

Genny Gordy:

(765) 288-0073. I have been very active in my nine months with the Sierra Club. I joined to help bring the new Five Rivers Group together in East Central Indiana, and currently serve as its chair. I also serve on the Hoosier Chapter ExCom and chair its Vitality Committee, which focuses on ExCom effectiveness and volunteer development. I serve as the staff supervisor, having completed training at National for this position this summer. I also completed the chapter chair training at Sierra Club headquarters and wish to put this training to good use for the chapter, bringing new energy and functional leadership to the environmental challenges for Sierrans of Indiana.

Bill Hayden:

I have been a Sierra Club member since 1983. I was chair of the Uplands Group from 1993 to 1998 and a member of the chapter Executive Committee on and off since 1994. I have represented the chapter at the Indiana General Assembly since 1985 and have been the chair of the chapter Conservation Committee since 1998. There are many environmental challenges facing the citizens of Indiana, and the Hoosier Chapter can and should play a major role in addressing them. The Hoosier Chapter faces serious challenges in trying to sustainably finance a staff person to organize volunteer activists and maintain an office that can provide easy accessibility to the members, chapters, groups, and the public. I will support all efforts to raise the ability of the chapter to meet these challenges. (812) 332-3073;

Ken Kovach:

I have been a Sierra Club member for over a decade. I believe that political and legislative consequences affecting us are so significant that we must all become involved. I have long been an outspoken advocate and lobbyist for responsible environmental legislation. In 1999, I went to Washington, D.C., and lobbied to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from exploitation and drilling by big oil companies. Earlier this year, I again journeyed to Washington, D.C., where I worked with other activists to successfully convince Evan Bayh to cosponsor the Red Rock Wilderness bill that protects valuable habitat in Southern Utah. At the state level, I have lobbied Congressman Visclosky. I have been fortunate to travel many countries. My hope is that the Hoosier Chapter can become more active on national and international issues such as population. As an avid backpacker, skier, and scuba diver, I also encourage more chapter outings.

Ed Paynter:

I have been on the Executive Committee six or seven years on and off, and chapter chair for the past year. A lot has been accomplished by our chapter recently. A stronger Club is a more effective Club. You’ve read of our accomplishments in the Indiana Sierran. Maybe you’ve joined one of our e-mail discussion lists. Maybe you paddled in Ride the River. Maybe you write letters. Whatever ways you participate, it is appreciated by those who serve as volunteer leaders. I believe in the Sierra Club. It is you and I and the other 5,000-plus members here in Indiana that make it work, and the members you elect to the Executive Committee who work hard to make it successful. With your vote I will continue to help make our chapter stronger. Our state needs all the environmental advocacy we can muster. Questions about my positions? (317) 259-4417 or

Glenn Pratt:

As present ExCom member I have worked to help make Sierra more effective. I provide significant technical/policy assistance to Sierra and other citizen organizations on both the state and local level. Background: Sierra Club member and active in environmental efforts for 30+ years. MS degree in Environmental Engineering. Managed major environmental and human health programs with USEPA and IDEM (Assistant Commissioner OER): evaluate watershed problems, environmental litigation, focus federal/state programs to control toxic substances. Taught Environmental Science/Regulations/ Justice at IU-Bloomington, Martin University, Indiana Women’s Prison. Environmental Actions: Sierra: Chair Legislative Committee. Member Conservation and Legal Committees. Indiana legislature study committees: IDEM Staffing, Agriculture NPS, Septic Tanks, Low Flow, Brownfields. IDEM committees/meetings, actively participate in many. Other: Urban League Environmental Coalition, Indianapolis CSO/AWT Advisory Committees. With your support, I hope to help increase our effectiveness in addressing environmental, human health, and natural resource issues.

Lucinda Rarick:

Residence: Muncie, IN. Current member since: December 1999. Occupation: Housewife, Artist. Background: Interim vice-chair of Five Rivers Group Executive Committee, Masters Degree in Education and Art History. Statement: I presently serve on the Leadership Committee of the Five Rivers Group and as vice-chair of its Executive Committee. In these positions, I have become active in peaking plant issues, water conservation, local drainage, and recycling problems. I am also familiar with the workings of the Sierra Club and the complexion of state and local politics. With this knowledge I would like to continue service on the Executive Committee. Other background skills include writing, research, public speaking, conflict resolution, and teaching classes on environmental topics. Personal interests in the natural world that form a basis of environmental awareness are experience with edible wild plants, small-scale grain raising, and the ecological transformation of the suburban lawn. Contact

Angee White:

If my previous career as an analytical chemist/supervisor at Eli Lilly does not imply that I have the skills required of an Executive Committee member, perhaps my current career does. I am in charge of domestic supply acquisition and distribution; outing design and execution; apparel maintenance; educational development; and accounting operations. In short, I am a stay-at-home mom. Additionally, I am the chapter treasurer and a [behind-the-scenes] member of the Heartlands Group Sprawl Committee. In my four months as treasurer, I have applied for more than $7,000 in reimbursement grants for chapter and group newsletters. I am currently working with the newly formed Development Committee to help fund Hoosier Chapter efforts to create new groups, revitalize existing groups, and fortify its conservation programs. As a member of the Executive Committee, I will work to empower groups and committees rather than trying to control decision-making at the chapter level.

Les Zwirn:

Les Zwirn joined the Sierra Club last January and assumed the chair of the Protect Indiana Waters Campaign. Although the original intent to sponsor a preelection campaign pledge for candidates turned out not to be feasible, the campaign has resulted in several accomplishments. First, a proposal for a Statewide Watershed Approach strategic plan has been developed, presented at the Bloomington Watershed Training Course in September, and received enthusiastic support from over 75 local and state watershed staff and volunteers. Second, a proposal for a Tax Credit and Market-based Incentive Model for Dealing with the Public Health Threat of Failing Septics has been developed in collaboration with the Purdue School of Agriculture and was presented to the EQSC in October. Third, the Sierra Club has broken new ground by collaborating with the Soil and Water Conservation Districts in their effort to gain funding for the Clean Water Indiana legislation.

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