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Chapter Honors Founders, Past Chairs, and Activists at Its 25th Anniversary Celebration

Founders, past chairs, and long-time activists were among those honored at the Hoosier Chapter’s 25th anniversary awards dinner. Dinner committee chair Rosemary Spalding said, “It’s a good time to celebrate our accomplishments.” Rep. Julia Carson (D-10) was recognized for her environmental voting record, and two of her staffers accepted the award.

Other honors went to John and Mickie Williams and Barbara Norton Hamilton, who were instrumental in forming the Hoosier Chapter. Past chapter chairs who received recognition were Gregory Silver, Tim Maloney, Chris Pedersen, and Lisa Haile. Activists Sandy Miles, Glenn Pratt, and Phyllis Zimmerman also received recognition. Al Strickholm, Bill Hayden, Tim Maloney, and Ed Paynter received special awards for their many years of outstanding service to the chapter. About 60 members and guests attended the Oct. 27 event.

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