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A First for the Hoosier Chapter: Full-Time Staffer

The Hoosier Chapter has for the first time hired a full-time coordinator to increase grassroots involvement in conservation, build membership, strengthen groups, and organize chapter activities.

Jennifer Cannon, who had worked as the chapter’s part-time office coordinator, has taken on this new role and played a key part in organizing the recent chapter planning retreat.

The coordinator position is important for the chapter’s effectiveness and growth. Although the Sierra Club is a volunteer organization, many chapters around the country have hired full-time staff to help ensure that their goals and communications are implemented in a way that is difficult for volunteers alone to do.

“It was clear that we couldn’t make the chapter self-sustaining with just volunteers,” said chapter chair Lisa Haile.

Funded solely by the chapter, the coordinator position is independent of outside grants often accompanied by limitations and use restrictions. Self-funding allows the chapter to set the focus and direction of the coordinator’s work.

“I want to involve as many members in the chapter’s conservation work as possible while building membership at the same time,” Ms. Cannon said.

“There are many ways and opportunities for people to get involved, both locally and regionally. I will be working with activists on many levels.

“I hope that Sierrans will come out with a real sense of accom-plishment at the end of the year so that we can move into 2001 with a strong voice for positive environmental change,” said Ms. Cannon.

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