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E-Mail Discussions Keep You Current on Latest State Issues

by Ed Paynter, Hoosier Chapter Webmaster

The Hoosier Chapter continues to improve its use of the Internet to increase our effectiveness in fighting for Indiana’s environment.

Members and nonmembers alike are communicating through our discussion lists every day. Several discussion lists have been added recently, and the chapter’s Web site continues to expand.

Here’s a recap of the e-mail discussion lists sponsored by the chapter that are open to all members:
HOOSIER-TOPICSOpen to anyone who wants to learn about Indiana’s environment. Citizens around Indiana are subscribed, as well as reporters and state and local officials.
HOOSIER-WHITE-RIVEROpen to those concerned with the White River, from its source in Randolph County to its juncture with the Wabash.
HOOSIER-INTERNETOpen to those wishing to help keep our Web site current and useful.

To subscribe to any of the above lists, send any message to:

where “listname” must be replaced with one of the list names above. The subject line and message are unimportant and may be left blank.

One new list is for Sierra Club members only:

HOOSIER-MEMBERS-FORUM     It will be used by chapter leaders to inform members of important member information, conservation alerts, meetings, and so on, as well as allow members to discuss these items among themselves.

To subscribe to this member-only list, send the following message to:

Subject:    8-digit member number
Message:    SUBSCRIBE HOOSIER-MEMBERS-FORUM yourfirstname yourlastname

where “8-digit member number” is replaced by your Sierra Club membership number (look on your latest copy of Sierra magazine), and “yourfirstname yourlastname” is replaced by your real name.

Sierra Club groups across the state may also establish discussion lists for their needs. Contact Ed Paynter for more information.

The chapter’s Web site is at Information about the Sierra Club and our work in Indiana is available there.

Like most chapter activities, the Web pages are managed by volunteers. Your help to keep them current and to expand them is always welcome.

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