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Help Chapter with Advocacy in Your Own Backyard

This spring, you will receive the annual appeal letter asking for contributions directly to the Hoosier Chapter.

These donations really do make a difference to us and are an important part of the chapter’s budget as we continue our clean-water campaign and other important environmental advocacy projects throughout the state.

When you make a donation to the Hoosier Chapter, you support the Sierra Club’s work in your own backyard.

The Hoosier Chapter for the first time has hired a full-time coordinator to help us grow in environmental effectiveness and membership.

We are funding this position from our own bank account. No other organization will be able to direct the coordinator’s focus as may happen with outside grants.

Your contribution will ensure that the coordinator will remain a stable, long-term asset for the Hoosier Chapter and Indiana’s environment.

Thank you for your past generosity, and please help us to continue the club’s work in Indiana--for our families, for our future--by responding to the chapter’s annual appeal letter.

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